calling all Technics players !

Posted by: TomTomSF

calling all Technics players ! - 11/30/99 05:38 PM

Hello All
Since the Canadian Technics Forum has apparently shut down for fear of all the negative comments on their new KN6000, I hope we can move our discussion here! Even though I'm a fairly new KN5K owner, I have enjoyed reading the Technics Forum since it started. I used to have a Technics sx-EX30L. Anyone know what that is???
Anyway, I miss all the Technics chat and really would love to see it take off at Nigels' excellent site!!!
Tom G.
Posted by: LadyKeys

Re: calling all Technics players ! - 12/02/99 04:40 AM

Hi Tom:

I have a Technics KN3000 and would be glad to chat about it anytime!! The board is amazing, I use it as a solo vocals/keys and the sound cannot be any better. I am pushing it through a Peavey 300 which could pop your eardrums!! I also have a Roland E-20 that I used for about 6 years gigging......couldn't find a board that had a true sax and B3 sound until I stumbled on the KN3000. Wouldn't trade this board for 5 of any others!

Posted by: Scottyee

Re: calling all Technics players ! - 12/03/99 01:43 PM

Hi Tom,

I'm completely stumped. What exactly is or was the Technics sx-EX30L and what year was this unit produced by Technics?

- Scott