Searching for previous topics

Posted by: Joan

Searching for previous topics - 08/26/05 02:36 PM

Hi there - Is there a quicker way e.g. an index - of all the previous subject postings that can be quickly accessed on this forum?

I have always used the SEARCH feature when I want to look back. This can be a bit and miss if you don't key in the correct criteria. Joan
Posted by: Nigel

Re: Searching for previous topics - 08/26/05 04:18 PM

Joan, you can list all topics in the forum though it may be quite a lot of pages to look through. On the main Technics forum page there is a box in the top right that says something like "Show All Topics From The Past 30 Days". You can change this to be anything up to "Last Year" or "Show All Topics".
Posted by: Joan

Re: Searching for previous topics - 08/27/05 01:05 AM

Thanks Nigel - found it, it is in the line which includes profile and the middle option is preferences, accessing this as you say and an individuals preferences can be expanded or reduced to different number of days. Thank you - Cheers Joan
Posted by: Merrill Ainsworth

Re: Searching for previous topics - 08/27/05 12:07 PM

Thanks to you and to Joan, I found it it too
in Ssnta Barbara, California.

This site is a blessing.

I hope we never lose it or you lose your interest in it. Thank you, Nigel.