*/8, */4 etc timesignatures

Posted by: ashboe

*/8, */4 etc timesignatures - 02/17/05 10:49 AM

1) Have had the kn5000 for two months now, use is exclusively for sequencer, I know I can only set the time sig to */4 in the composer. Want to upgrade to the kn7000 - are */8 time sigs available?
2) Is the 7000 excellent?

What does this do? Whoops
Posted by: Smithy

Re: */8, */4 etc timesignatures - 02/19/05 06:08 AM


If you do a search for "7000" in this forum, you will see how fantastic the KN7000 is!

*/8 time signatures are not avaliable as such, though they can easily be created by using the composer and sequencer together, as the composer in the 7000 is much more flexible, and allows you to create much longer patterns.