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Posted by: Guardman2001

New website - 03/12/16 08:13 AM

Hello all. I usually only look at the arranger forums but this is more of a recording issue. I am setting up a new website. I just put one of my songs there called. "Man in the middle" It was done a while ago the music in a midi studio, the vocals on a four track Tascam cassette recorder. I have been playing around w/ the site and still have a lot to do as you will see if you go there. I would appreciate any comments. Thanks [url=]
Posted by: Nigel

Re: New website - 03/12/16 10:42 PM

Great recording. And the guitar playing really is icing on the cake.
Posted by: Guardman2001

Re: New website - 03/13/16 06:35 PM

Thanks much Nigel. I really appreciate the feedback. Gerard
Posted by: zuki

Re: New website - 06/19/18 11:01 AM

Sounded Great! Thanks for sharing. I like the guitar work too smile