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more on xenyx802 - 10/13/13 04:21 PM

This is mainly to uncle dave.
When I plug into the main out, the output seems harder to control than the control room out plugs. What advice can you give me?
Why does the panning not work in either? It screams if I move it either way.
What does the fx knob do in your opinion? The EQ's are the best help that I can see!
How have you got yours setup?
Posted by: Uncle Dave

Re: more on xenyx802 - 10/15/13 06:17 PM

Hi Baz,
If you are in the first 4 channels (mic channel), then the pan control should take the signal from hard left to hard right in both the main outs and the control room outs.
If you are in a stereo channel, then the pan will shut off one side to favor the other. If a stereo signal is plugged into a stereo channel, then the pan should be set to center.
The Zenyx 802 has NO effects built in, and the FX knob will not produce a sonic change unless you hook up an external effects unit, like a reverb or delay.
heres a youtube video of a typical setup:

I don't know what would cause squealing, unless you have high gain and poor speaker placement. Call me if you need to ... I'll be happy to talk you through it.215-284-1328
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Re: more on xenyx802 - 10/16/13 04:11 PM

Thanks Dave. It seems it can plug into (use) more things than I will ever need. I did note that most seem to use mains out to the keyboard but I found the control room out gave a clearer sound and it wasn't as sensitive as the mains out. I may have been unused to the workings so I will try the M/O again just to compare.
You were right. Very good value for money.
Posted by: Uncle Dave

Re: more on xenyx802 - 10/16/13 07:49 PM