Posted by: Bill in Dayton

Audacity? - 07/27/08 09:28 AM

I record direct into a Tascam dp-01 hard disk recorder from a box amp...

Not ready for multi-tracking yet...

Is Audacity a program I might find useful to polish up my recordings?


Bill in Dayton
Posted by: Graham UK

Re: Audacity? - 07/27/08 10:10 AM

Bill. It's FREE so give it a try. It's very good quality for a freebie.
Posted by: Notes_Norton

Re: Audacity? - 07/27/08 01:36 PM

I find Audacity as good as a few commercial products I've tried. Of course, each product has its strong and weak points, but Audacity ranks up there with the better ones - and the price is right.

PG Music's Power Track's Pro Audio is also good and inexpensive. It has some different effects and editing tools and isn't very expensive (note: although I write after-market style and song disks for PG Music's Band-in-a-Box program, I have no professional affiation with them).

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Re: Audacity? - 08/13/08 07:50 PM

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Posted by: wrinkles303

Re: Audacity? - 10/26/08 05:34 PM

hi bill,
i use both power tracks ( and
audacity. mostly i use power tracks for transfer of recorded tapes or from my fostex to the computer for clean up, final mixing. i get cd results . my duo released 2
cd's for off stage selling and no complaints on quality.
by the way bill, i live in columbus, i'm retired now and would love to hear ya play.
could you send me your schedule if possible?
i'm not seeing any arranger players here in ohio. i played alot in florida up till 07.
regards dave
Posted by: Bill in Dayton

Re: Audacity? - 10/26/08 08:07 PM

Hey dave-

My schedule is on my website:


Bill in Dayton
Posted by: wrinkles303

Re: Audacity? - 10/27/08 11:43 AM

nice site
Posted by: Caragabal

Re: Audacity? - 11/09/08 03:32 PM

I want to load MP3s into Audacity then play them and record vocals at the same time.

Is this possible

Cannot seem to be able to find instructions any where.

Cousin Ken