cd recording

Posted by: jo

cd recording - 02/07/00 01:01 PM

...I've been struggling to decide how to go about setting up and what to buy to be able to sell my audio and cd's where i work...i play at night at a Fine Dinning establishment and i also do my own show here in Branson Mo. where i sing and dance as well as play along with my own sequences...i've played for over 35 years and i've got down the performance end of it ...but teck stuff is very difficult for for me ...i use a Kurzweil K2000 well as recording. i have a Pentium 2 with 3 GB drive... Cakewalk 7 ...a 4 track Vestax recorder...a 4 head hi-fi RCA VIDEO SYSTEM...2 power amps 250 and 500 watts and 4 Audio Centrion speakers ...I WILL BE BUYING A Tascam Didital Mixer [TM-D 1000= $1200 LIST / SALE PRICE $500]OR A Mackie 1402 $500. WHICH would you suggest ..i lean toward the Digital because of the snapshot aspect..[so tired of fiddling around with things ...i just want to record and get on with it]

i've had so many problems trying to record digital vocals ...How and on what would you suggest i record on for mixing down with midi and audio ..i sure find it eazier to use anolog type tape 4 trac or hi-fi stereo video deck...along with midi from direct from my keyboard or cakewalk and ultimatly put it on cd and also audio cassettes for sale

[would you suggest Tascam cd-rw700 @ $500 OR SOMTHING ELSE AND IS A CDRW FROM Circuit City $300 that replaces the cd slot in my computor sufficient for my finished product
My thoughts are going directly into cd recoder from my mixer as I sing live but Iím concerned about getting my solo vocal blended right and not have any volume drops or inconsistantcies Ödo I need to put it somewhere to mix it first ? all my music will be mixed and panned so itís just a mater of blending with the vocalÖÖ..when I try recording on my 4 track I just donít get the sound quality I want.
could you please suggest how and what to record on and what to plug into what....I really need to get back to other things in my life ..teck stuff is tuff stuff...Thanks again JO