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Posted by: Smitty

Good Mikes - 08/07/00 07:44 PM

I have been rethinking the mike setup in my studio and wanted to get some feedback from others on what they have successfully used. The mikes that have caught my eye for the money have been the AKG C2000 and the Rode NT-1. I am mainly tracking vocals into a Vocalist pre-amp followed by a Mackie pre-amp. Until now I have used dynamics and my vocals need that something extra to stand out without being to harsh and siblant.
I have been tempted to go out and get a neuman 103, but am not convinced yet of the cost to benifit ratio.Any ideas or opinions are welcomed.

Posted by: Uncle Dave

Re: Good Mikes - 08/07/00 08:07 PM

Marshal Electronics 2001 - it's a GREAT buy, even at 3 times the cost! This mic compared very well in a shoot out with the 103's. There is an article in Electronic musician, or keyboard - I forget which. The mic costs under $200 with a great shockmount - it's a large diaphraghm mic with terrific sound and wonderful freq response. You gotta try it before you do the Rode number.

Uncle Dave

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Re: Good Mikes - 08/07/00 08:15 PM

Thanks, Dave I'll give it a look. I've seen them at for a good price.

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Re: Good Mikes - 08/26/00 09:14 AM

Well. Ive done it, I purchased an AKG C3000b as my first studio condenser and I am very pleased with the results it gets on vocals. I looked at the other cheaper brands and decided that I wanted to go with a tried product from a well known company and I dont doubt that the others are probably good mikes, but I cant afford to take that gamble.
Its hard to go wrong with AKG or Neuman.
Posted by: Tony B

Re: Good Mikes - 08/26/00 10:36 AM

I see the Rode NT1 and the Marshall are the same price. I was looking hard at the Rode, I want to setup a DAW for radio production. Which do you find the best of the two for this type of application, the Rode or the Marshall?

Tony B
Posted by: Uncle Dave

Re: Good Mikes - 08/26/00 09:42 PM

The Marshal has an edge in the breathy-upper midrange that really punches up a vocal. They are both very good at off-axis rejection, but the overall tone of the Marshal appeals to me. You really should listen first - they're all good - just with different "personalities"
I almost bought the Rode too.Don't forget the AKG c1000s - even though it's a small diaphragm, it sounds GREAT! Sometimes the added pickup range of a large D gets "too much" sound in a small studio. That's when a small D comes to the rescue. The c1000's are my most used mics right now.
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Re: Good Mikes - 09/11/00 04:12 AM

Among those mics, I believe the AKG is about the "hottest" of the outputs.Daves right on the Marshel, definately a good way to go.
Every one is on a microphone budget.