Midjay styles

Posted by: viocaia

Midjay styles - 02/02/05 02:50 AM

Is there anyway to load new styles in Midjay?Is there any users, to make your own ones I mean?
What do you think about it?Anyone played live with styles?
Posted by: mdorantes

Re: Midjay styles - 02/02/05 06:32 PM

The Midjay besides having a new MP3 encoder and mixing music, etc., is also like it's older brothers, the XD3, X4, MS40.....are arranger modules, that allow you to load styles/patterns using the floppy copying those files into the hard drive, and you can access them just like the preset styles. In some, you may need to load them into the user locations, like in the X4, and previous models, in the XD3, you may want to expand the memory to be able to load more styles, unlike the SD1, can read them direct from the Hard disk.
There are companies like USB, Sound Company, Midispot, and many others that sell styles for ANY brand and keyboard/module model.

Posted by: DonM

Re: Midjay styles - 02/02/05 06:37 PM

On the Midjay, you can simply move the new styles into whichever folder you select. Use a standard USB cable from your computer. The computer recognizes the Midjay as another drive. The Midjay recognizes X1, and SD patterns. MS patterns must be converted.

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Re: Midjay styles - 02/02/05 07:29 PM


The Midijay reads styles directly from the HD just like the SD1. You can load close to 9999 styles into the style folder and instantly access them and play - however, you cannot create new styles ... just adjust parameters to existing ones.