Wav and STyles SD1

Posted by: Dazza

Wav and STyles SD1 - 02/28/03 07:50 AM


Im interested in this wav recorded etc does anyone have any styles that incorporate wav samples. i am particully interested in something with live vocals in it.

for example a twist style with some live doo be doos in it.

any ideas

Posted by: Dreamer

Re: Wav and STyles SD1 - 02/28/03 10:11 AM

Darren, I am afraid that if you sync a "doo be doo" or another vocal riff to a style, it will be out of tune most of the time. The synced part works as a second rhytm track and its pitch cannot vary. The only way to have a sampled part changing tonality with the different chords of a song is to use it as a sound to be played from the keyboard (left or right part), in real time.
Posted by: Dazza

Re: Wav and STyles SD1 - 02/28/03 10:38 AM

thanks for reply

I can do it on my Gem wk8 in the form of rass styles was hoping to be able to do it on this