Aj,,,,,,,,,problem with 4.0 b

Posted by: fostex450

Aj,,,,,,,,,problem with 4.0 b - 06/19/03 05:39 AM

AJ i have problem with latency. When i play begin3 with (right hand)piano + 2end (string) symphonic some bas ton+ drums cut off from staff.
Im a pro musican and i think i was buy a pro instrument. In this time SD1 is not pro instrument.
Pls..tell me how than i resolve this problem....must i install 3.0 c or....what.
Last night i played SD1 and after par of second bass and drum wasn't play.... not for ever .....but in first part of staff dont work.
When i played sound from program....situacion is better...but its not resolve this problem.
Please you must say peopels how to make a Ketron SD1 in pro machine.

Thanks a lot

Posted by: Ketron_AJ

Re: Aj,,,,,,,,,problem with 4.0 b - 06/28/03 01:38 PM

Try reloading OS 3.0c.