reboot sd60

Posted by: hbinfo2001

reboot sd60 - 11/14/20 12:27 PM

Hi,I had try to reboot my sd60 by pressing talk and enter and no luck can you tell me what is the problem
Thank you
Posted by: hbinfo2001

Re: reboot sd60 - 11/16/20 09:10 PM

Hi I receive an email from Ketron today and fix my problem

thanks the same
Posted by: Nigel

Re: reboot sd60 - 11/18/20 12:14 AM

Can you post here how to fix it so others can too?
Posted by: Sapphire

Re: reboot sd60 - 11/20/20 10:43 AM

I tried my SD7 and it rebooted o.k. but not much use for you I'm afraid.