SD40 as a Sound Module

Posted by: IMMusic_Curt

SD40 as a Sound Module - 09/05/18 02:25 PM

We switched back to our SD40 to show what this little baby can do. This time around not using any of the styles in the unit but instead using the SD40 as a sound module with your favorite DAW - In our case that would be Logic Pro. Enjoy...
SD40 Sound Module - BigBand Arrangement
Posted by: Torch

Re: SD40 as a Sound Module - 09/05/18 09:46 PM

Great thread, demo, and sound! Thank you, Curt. I will be using my SD40 more as a module for live performance. In that perspective, maybe using a DAW is not the best way but using a midi foot controller is.

Posted by: IMMusic_Curt

Re: SD40 as a Sound Module - 09/07/18 03:54 PM

One more SDxx demo for you guys - This time we used our SD40 as the sound source. We intend to demonstrate the capability of the SD* series. Yes, this time we 100% sequenced all of the tracks to show you what is possible whether you use your Ketron SD* device as an "Arranger" or use you it as a "Sound Module":

SD40 Grand Piano / Church Organ Demo

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