Registrations on SD7 via MIDI

Posted by: country_man

Registrations on SD7 via MIDI - 10/23/17 03:45 AM


I'm migrate from Roland to Ketron smile I really need call internal Registration in SD7 via MIDI (calling from my tablet). I now SD7 has 4 banks and up to 1024 registration. How can I please call it via MIDI? With CC and PG? I cant find it anywhere. Got someone COMPLETE MIDI Implemention of SD7/SD40?.

In this manual is nothing about it and something more about NRPN, RPN etc ...

Posted by: Tonewheeldude

Re: Registrations on SD7 via MIDI - 10/24/17 11:28 AM

try this:

If not ask your distributor to request the information from Ketron Italy.