SD9 vs Audya

Posted by: Vadim

SD9 vs Audya - 10/20/17 07:46 PM

Listened to many sound examples, love the acoustic snare drums in Audya , but all other sounds like I'm SD9.

So what are differences between the 2 and does SD9 have all snare drum sounds that Audya has ?
Posted by: Vadim

Re: SD9 vs Audya - 10/20/17 07:47 PM

wow just realized I'm a member of 14 years on this form already , haven't posted here in a while
Posted by: pastroccio

Re: SD9 vs Audya - 10/27/17 09:08 AM

I, not sure but all drum sound from audya are in sd9 too
talking about midi sound
About audio drum, most of them are there too, and probably
you can have the full drum of auydia. Of corse it's impossible to
make a demo for all sounds