Cubase sync audya with usb midi

Posted by: rob

Cubase sync audya with usb midi - 10/18/17 05:31 AM

Hi does anybody know if syncing the ketron and cubase
As master and slave via usb midi works and not the normal midi
Posted by: stkeys

Re: Cubase sync audya with usb midi - 11/18/17 04:29 PM

I was trying to do a similar thing this week but couldn’t manage it using the USB midi.
I ended up using an old Emu midix cable I had lying around and connecting midi out and keyboard midi in on SD40 to USB on PC.

After some head scratching and trial and error I was able to create a chord track in Cubase that played any style chosen on the SD40. Although to keep everything in sync I did have to make sure the Style Tempo matched the Cubase Tempo.

If you need full details of how I set everything up send me a PM.