Audy5 repair?

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Audy5 repair? - 06/05/16 03:05 PM

Hi,My audya5 was in repair for 3 months The problem was ,screen black.They change the mother board,the power supply and a small piece connest to the power supply
The O/S is 5.3D,but the good pendrive styles from Robert Messier did not fonction properly only 3 styles of 5 in good condition
So I reinstall the O/S 5.2a The pendrive of Robert was OK but there where some preset styles that was corrupted
So I reinstall the pendrive 2011 plus the Robert pendrive styles
and the O/S 5.3d.The preset styles where working fine
I have many files in the hard disk and there are some styles and registration styles work only on intros and stop no accompagnement a,b,c,d I had to press start again to play the accompagnements.
My dealer told me its because I install the pendrives and O/S to many times.....
Someone told me to change my hard disk because of these problems
My dealer told me the there will stop the Ketron lines
So I am stock,I send some emails but no answers
If I purchase a new original hard disk will I have the purchase again the 2 pendrive (2011 and Robert styles?
I cannot format my hard disk because it is to dangerous
Hope you can help me
Thanks in advance
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Re: Audy5 repair? - 06/07/16 08:16 PM

Hi,now the problem is resolve because due that the DSP was change I had to delete the folder in the hard disk 9708f1av00
and install the folder 9708f1av13.sam
The pendrive 2011 works fine
the only problems is in my styles folders from the hard disk that I will have to reinstall
Now confirm my dealer will stop to sale Ketron in Québec Canada
A chance that we have AJ to help us
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Re: Audy5 repair? - 06/14/16 01:14 PM

Hi,a Big thanks to Darren from UK who fix my problem
All the styles from Robert Messier pendrive styles work fine
These styles was very important to me
Thanks again Darren