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Posted by: kierc.0857

Audya OS - 04/24/15 10:54 AM

Hi guys, im currently running 5.0A on my Audya 4 module, i know from reading there are some issues with 5.3D, which OS do you recommend, 5.2?
Posted by: danielbordeiu

Re: Audya OS - 04/27/15 04:23 AM

Posted by: kierc.0857

Re: Audya OS - 04/27/15 04:27 AM

Thanks Daniel,but looking on the Ketron website, i only see 5.0A & 5.3D listed. Where can i source 5.2, and is it defiantly suitable for the Audya 4 module?.
Posted by: audyaplayer

Re: Audya OS - 04/28/15 12:15 AM

I skipped from 5.0 to 5.3,no problem at all.
Posted by: kierc.0857

Re: Audya OS - 04/28/15 04:26 AM

And no issues?, is it an improvement?
Posted by: Henni

Re: Audya OS - 04/28/15 08:07 AM

It's only an issue if you've put a lot of work in creating registrations before the upgrade as you will loose most of that. Other than that it seems to be fine.

Posted by: Snoopy

Re: Audya OS - 04/28/15 12:20 PM

Hi Henni,

just call the registration, choose another style, choose the prior ( in the registration ) used style again and save the registry again ( overwrite ).
So you donīt have any issues regarding styles, bass, chords and so on wink
Posted by: Henni

Re: Audya OS - 04/28/15 12:31 PM

I cannot my friend. On most of them I replaced midi tracks with loops or audio parts. Because registrations save all of these, I did not bother to save those as new styles.

In no way or form will I give up all of this work. So OS 5.2A it stays for me...


Posted by: kierc.0857

Re: Audya OS - 04/29/15 06:23 AM

Hi Henni, i just altered the drums in my registrations and added lyric files, will i loose these if i update?
Posted by: Henni

Re: Audya OS - 04/29/15 07:03 AM

Hard to say as some older registrations work & some not. I really want to emphasize that not reading older registrations correctly seems to be the ONLY problem with the new OS. There is not a general problem with registrations, just with pre OS5.3 registrations. So it should work just fine for almost all users. Don't shy away from the update unless you created many fancy registrations before.