Auda Styles

Posted by: kierc.0857

Auda Styles - 02/02/15 06:45 AM

Hi guys, anyone got some Audy styles they would like to share, looking for anything really. Middle of the road stuff, country stuff. Thanks
Posted by: leezone

Re: Auda Styles - 02/02/15 09:08 AM

3 country styles $75
Posted by: kierc.0857

Re: Auda Styles - 02/02/15 10:04 AM

My Audya isn't jamsonic upgraded, would these still work?
Posted by: Ketron_AJ

Re: Auda Styles - 02/03/15 12:53 AM

Yes. These styles work on ALL AUDYA SERIES Keyboards.
Posted by: alliehoe

Re: Auda Styles - 02/05/15 03:50 AM

audya styles on