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Posted by: Cavanfl1

audya reset - 09/08/14 06:12 AM

Let me start by saying that ketron make the best arranger keyboards in the world and i have been buying them for the past 20 years or so. but they have the worse customer service on the planet, i have called them, emailed them and sent messages via the website many many times but never get a reply. my problem is , i have an audya 76 that i bought used and there are errors on the hardware, firmware ketao2 d7dt01f6 these are the error messages i get when i do a hardware test. I just cant believe that on an AUDYA there is no way to do a restore to factory setting, (i have done the f10 and unplugged)many times no joy.
If anybody knows how i can get this keyboard back to factory settings please let me know. thank you in addvance.
Posted by: Cavanfl1

Re: audya reset - 09/08/14 10:02 AM

I have just received an email from Ketron tech on how to restore an audya to factory settings but i dont understand it can anyone explain?
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Re: audya reset - 09/08/14 10:04 AM

this is what it says
Pay attention on what you do and proceed as follows:

Enter the folder SYSTEM
Enter the folder INIT
Delete the content only of this folder INIT after saved the folder

We suggest to do this from PC
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Re: audya reset - 09/08/14 03:08 PM

Good one!
Hoping they weren't using google translate, here's my understanding:

- Hook the Audya with the PC.
- Look for the AUDYA:\SYSTEM\INIT folder browsing from the PC
- Make a backup (just in case) onto your PC
- Delete the content of the folder AUDYA:\SYSTEM\INIT
- Safely remove USB connection
- Restart Audya.( turn off and then on again)
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Re: audya reset - 09/09/14 06:46 PM

Thank you for your reply but I am very nervous about doing this because I don't see how this will restore the styles and files that are missing or corupt,
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Re: audya reset - 09/11/14 01:27 AM

Most likely, the files and styles are ok in there. It is the way that the O.S. sees them... Just like the indexing function in Windows, sometimes it can go wrong and the function does not display correctly the content of the HDD.
That's the reason of deleting the incorrect INIT file... This is my guess. After deleting, most probably, at the next reboot, the O.S. will create another INIT file, and will fix the problem. Give it a try - you cannot go wrong.
Good luck!
Posted by: Ketron_AJ

Re: audya reset - 09/11/14 08:56 AM

That is correct danielbordeiu