Chord Bass on Audya

Posted by: Bernie9

Chord Bass on Audya - 08/09/14 02:09 PM

On other keyboards I have, when I am in a split mode with the acomp on but not running, I have a sustained chord bass sounding on the left hand in addition to the left voice.

How do I get it ?
Posted by: Ketron_AJ

Re: Chord Bass on Audya - 08/09/14 06:52 PM


Please proceed as follows:-
* Press STYLE - MODE
* Press LOWER (U5/10) to access the CHORD MODES for the LOWER section of the keyboard.
* Press MODE (F5) and change value to 2 or 4 "Bass on stop".

To have the bass note sustain/hold when you release, press BASS (U3/8) and change the SUSTAIN value (F6) as desired.

Posted by: Bernie9

Re: Chord Bass on Audya - 08/10/14 05:19 AM


Thanks for the fast reply, You da man. It sounds very natural, just what I wanted.

Thank you
Posted by: spfernandes

Re: Chord Bass on Audya - 09/09/14 09:16 AM

Hi AJ!

I follow your description steps but didn't work!!
Any idea about that??