Posted by: viocaia

Midjpro - 08/29/13 07:55 AM

Hey Ketroners!
Any news about MidjPro?
Posted by: andreurivero

Re: Midjpro - 08/29/13 05:26 PM

Last week KETRON send a email with the link


it's the new midjay pro.

I hope you enjoy it.

Posted by: synerjim

Re: Midjpro - 08/29/13 10:27 PM

Question is when this will be available here in the U.S.A.?
Posted by: viocaia

Re: Midjpro - 08/30/13 04:08 AM

Yes..I saw demos and presentation in Germany, looks and sounds very interesting.The point is if Ketron starts the production, how much and where to buy!
Posted by: Jerry T

Re: Midjpro - 08/31/13 08:08 PM

About a month and a half ago, AJ told me that he expected that the Pro would be available sometime in October ... I wrote to Ketron It. a couple of times and they remain non-committal regarding release date and price ... I'm ready for it, but Ketron is not ready to release it ... just hoping that the OS and engine are not so different from the Midjay Plus that I would have to re-do registrations and re-edit midi files.
Posted by: viocaia

Re: Midjpro - 09/03/13 02:23 AM

Thanks..I'm really waiting for the new one, I'm playing guitars and the guitar input with effects will help me a lot.I wish the sound to be more Audya for better acoustic styles.
Will see....
Posted by: Jerry T

Re: Midjpro - 09/03/13 12:54 PM

Perhaps our forum administrators, AJ and Tonewheeldude could extract some info about the Pro from Ketron since they speak to Ketron, Italy on a regular basis ...
Posted by: DonM

Re: Midjpro - 09/06/13 10:00 PM

AJ knows everything about it because he is helping develop it, I'm certain.
If there's one thing we know about Ketron, they are NEVER in a hurry. smile
Posted by: Jerry T

Re: Midjpro - 11/15/13 05:25 AM

Any news yet AJ?