vst drum for midi style audya

Posted by: emilio61

vst drum for midi style audya - 04/09/13 05:31 AM

Good morning.
I wanted to ask for info.
Is there a way with a vst drum to record the midi drum parts of a midi style, and then cut them and use this loops as audio drum?
Is there a vst that correctly interprets messages midi battery of a style?
I'm not good at playing a drum vst so I need software that given a midi track input reproduces the sound track with its own ...
sorry for my bad english
Posted by: Sokratis 1974

Re: vst drum for midi style audya - 04/09/13 10:23 PM

Yes... I think a good way for you is to try a vst like Stylus RMX of Specrtasonics....
With it, will you have ready too much Drums Audio loops, and with very easy way you can in a DAW like Cubase to create your loops...
Look here http://www.spectrasonics.net/products/stylusrmx-videos.php

Also a more very good vst Drums midi player is the JAMSTIX 3.
Good luck :-)