Changing hard disk in KETRON SD1

Posted by: rainbow

Changing hard disk in KETRON SD1 - 08/27/12 03:02 AM

Recently my hard disk stopped working and KETRON does not see it any more, it just does not load it up and the floppy is the only available device. I checked all the cables inside KETRON and they are just fine. I went to the nearest PC service store to check my hard disk as I do not have the proper cable to connect it to my PC. The guy connected the hard disk via the proper cable but it also did not show up on his PC. I suppose the hard disk is dead as it was causing some problems recently.

The hard disk in my KETRON SD1 is Fujitsu MHN2100AT. I cannot find it on the internet but I found similar models like MHK2060AT and MHM2060AT. Will any of these types work?