Audya 4 HD Backup?

Posted by: Henni

Audya 4 HD Backup? - 08/11/12 01:57 PM

Help please! Bought my friend's Audy4 OS4.1A

Worked perfectly. Then I installed the inititial free Ketron style update FOR OS2.0.

It seems as if I've lost most of my live guitars. They don't play & I cannot even edit or select. Has anyone made a backup HD? Please, I desperately need your help.


South Africa
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Re: Audya 4 HD Backup? - 08/11/12 02:36 PM

Hi again,

Mine is one of the first Audya arrangers, not the module.

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Re: Audya 4 HD Backup? - 08/11/12 03:34 PM

Man, I hate it when I can no longer edit after awhile...

All my checksum checks = okay. Alttab checksum check says:

Hope that means something to someone. I'm really desperate to get her going again. I'm in total love with this AWESOME arranger!

Kind regards,
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Re: Audya 4 HD Backup? - 08/12/12 09:26 PM


It's just me posting in my own thread. And I'll keep on pleading here for help until my problem is solved. Please bear with me. My Audya is EVERYTHING I've always dreamed about, and even with my current problem it outshines everything else by far that I've ever heard before.

For nearly four years I've been collecting styles, updates and everything else I could find on the Audya as I knew that one day I'll have one. Please note clearly: I did NOT try to install update 42B. I do not have the pen drive yet & I'm really not that stupid. All I did is install all my new styles and the official first Ketron style update.

I next listened merrily to all these fantastic styles, but when I went back no my original onboard styles I noticed the loss of my live guitars. They show up in style view mode, but I cannot change them and they do not play, even if I mute everything else. And I did not overwrite them in any way or form.

I found a folder under the system directory where I can restore everything back to factory presets. It works for all but for my grooves & live guitars. When I select those I get some sort of a "cannot write to rom" error or similar.

I suspect I've completely lost my groove & live guitar data. I can see the factory drum audio loops, but cannot find any reference or folder to my live guitars.

Now, I do not know if this is possible, but can someone not please copy theirs and host somewhere for me to download? Pretty, pretty please!

I fully intend to purchase AJ's new HD with all improvements, but I'll first have to wait for month end and then wait for it to be delivered to South Africa. In the mean time I'm loosing out big time to enjoy this super, fantastic arranger.

ANYONE!!! Can you help me please? If you look on the PSR Tutorial forum, you'll see that I've done my share towards the Yamaha community. Now I need your help please!!! Don't be so quiet - this is most serious for me.

Finally, I'm sure most problems listed over here are software related. I played for a full day with mine without any hangups whatsoever before I installed all the new stuff. Now I experience the same lock-ups as mentioned by others, but only if I treat the buttons like an animal. If I take my time before pushing buttons, it does not lock up or freeze. And apart from loosing the live guitars, it performs as expected.

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Re: Audya 4 HD Backup? - 08/13/12 01:18 AM

Originally Posted By: KK-Studio
My Audya did also freeze up with 4.0. a month ago.

Once my Audya did lose all the live guitars in the styles. And I couldn't get them back in the STYLE VIEW. I had to re install the OS to get them back.

I still have the sync problems in the style and the autopanning hihat in some styles.

I think Audya needs many more updates before it will be flawless.

Originally Posted By: NiteLife
...Tony:I reinstalled the OS starting with 2.0 then each release.

ROM Error's are GONE!...

Hi guys,

Would you please care to elaborate. It seems like this might just be my problem also. Maybe I don't need a complete new HD, but just might have all the tools required to fix this myself if I only know how.

KK-Studio, how did you re-install the OS? Did you merely install one of the updates? If not, where did you get the original OS from?

Please guys, I sound like a baby, but I'd like to get my Audya back to normal asap. I really, but really fell in love with this arranger. It is AWESOME to say the least!!!

Kind regards,
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Re: Audya 4 HD Backup? - 08/13/12 03:49 AM


I think I've found my "software" problem. My "enable user live guitars" is set to "off". I've set it to "on", but I did not save first. I really, really hope that this is my only problem.

Also, I've learned today that I can install OS42B if I have 41B which I do. No need for the pen drive first, although I've already inquired a price for it & I'll order as soon as I receive a reply.

I'm so anxious to go home to try to correct. But yes, I find the Audya to be even more AWESOME than anticipated. I sold my Yamaha over the weekend & I no longer have the cravings for a Tyros 4.

If I just think of what could be accomplished with the Audya, I get exited all over again. And then I have not even touched the harmonizer or HD recording features as yet. I traded my Voicelive 2 as part of the deal. Watching the various demos makes me believe I'll no longer need it.

All the best,
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Re: Audya 4 HD Backup? - 08/13/12 10:30 AM

Nope, afraid the above did not solve my problem. I'm busy running all the pcm files since I'm desperate and since I talk to myself over here. Not used to this kind of treatment on the other forums I used to visit.

Anyway, maybe if I can solve my prob;lem, by documentiong the steps here, I can maybe later help someone experiencing same. This exact problem happened to others before.

My friend purchased this Audya from Ketron direct, so I do not have a dealer to approach. I have two questions:

1. Where can I obtain a HD restore DVD from.
2. Where can I purchase the Pendrive update from. The link I have answered saying that they are not allowed to supply to South Africa.

I hope someone responds.

Keep well all,
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Re: Audya 4 HD Backup? - 08/13/12 11:59 AM

Hi Henni,

IŽm sorry, but I thind DVD is not possible. You would need at least 3 of them. Unfortunately Ketron did not produce a kind of "restore DVD" until now as I know.

Somebody here should know which files contain the live-guitars, that should not be so much megabytes...

Hope youŽll get help soon wink
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Re: Audya 4 HD Backup? - 08/13/12 09:29 PM


My live guitars are back!!!

Okay, here's what happened: I had OS41A running when I installed the initial style upgrade for OS20A. Then I lost my live guitars.

Yesterday I ran some pcm files direct from the Audya. The first big sample one took a few hours to execute, but it got rid of my "cannot write to flash" error. However, it caused me to loose my live drums as well and on top of this the styles now sounded fuzzy and incomplete after that.

So late last night, as a last resort, I re-installed OS20A and my guitars were back! Next re-installed OS20C and they're still there. Install OS30A and they're gone, and so also the menu option to enable live guitars. Any OS after that, brings back that menu option, but it has no effect and on top of this, after booting I get a message saying: "Loading resources" which I do not get with the previous OS updates.

So...I honestly cannot remember where I've downloaded this style upgrade from, but it seems to me that Ketron does not want me to have it. Maybe you guys had to pay for it or install it from a pendrive with the correct serial number.

In any case, I now run with OS20C & thus far I have no quirks. I cannot uninstall these styles, but I can only hope when I purchase & install the 2011 pendrive style update with the reworked live guitars that I can then also upgrade to OS41B & next to OS42B. For now I'm happy as is.

One thing with the Audya - if you have a problem it's more than likely software related. If I tell you what files I've run direct from the Audya, and how many resets and OS updates I did, you'll laugh. But my Audya is up & running perfectly again.

Don't give up on yours - keep on trying till it's right because this is an AWESOME arranger when it's up & running.

Keep well all,
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Re: Audya 4 HD Backup? - 08/14/12 09:23 PM

Hi all,

Me again on this most lonely thread. I've sent mail to AJ direct, but since I receive no response, would someone care to answer these easy questions please:

1. The first official Ketron style upgrade (my file is dated 2009), was it available as a free download? (I cannot remember where I found this download 3 years ago) Was it for a specific serial number only i.o.w. as a pendrive?

2. AJ mentioned somewhere that the pcm file for the live guitars is located under C:\system\sound\global. I do not even have a global directory under sound, do you?

3. Is there a way to uninstall this update. As for now, I'm limited to OS20C. If I go higher, I loose my live guitars, no matter what I do.

4. Would the 2011 pendrive update solve my problem?

5. And lastly, does anyone have the original or any other legal copy of the Audya software available in any format (even on an HD) and would you be willing to mail to South Africa at an aggreed cost? I know AJ sells HDs, but it's rather expensive for now and it most probably does not include the official Ketron sound & style updates. I read somewhere that it includes many midi & MP3 files which will be of no use whatsoever to me.

Tonewheeldude, I get the impression that you talk to Ketron direct. Won't you please bring up my case when you next talk to them. I obviously did something stupid & now I want to put it right, but I do not know how.

I hope someone cares to respond. I get the impression that Audya owners are not overly talkative - as for me, I can talk your head off about the things that interest me.

Cheers all,
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Re: Audya 4 HD Backup? - 08/15/12 03:45 AM

I know its easy to look back and see mistakes, but I will post this for every ones benefit when reading this thread:

the style pack was already installed on your Audya and you should have read this very prominent notice on the download page:

Failing to adhere to this notice may render your equipment unstable or unusable. the styles pack is intended for instruments installed with OS 2.0.A and
should only be loaded after installing OS 2.0A. please load
the styles package prior to installing OS 3.0A. do not load this style package if your audya was installed with OS 3.0A
from the factory (in this case the styles are pre-installed).

Now that the chastisement is out of the way, lets work out how to sort your problem out.

1) You can order a restore DVD set from your distributor. This will include the 2010 USB update with 4.2B but not the 2011 or 2012 update which you can order at the same time.

2) In case your distributor can't help then your a little stuck as the factory are closed this month for their summer holiday. But your welcome to drop me an email:
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Re: Audya 4 HD Backup? - 08/15/12 04:56 AM


I had that coming, collecting everything I could find on the Audya for four years before I could afford one and then installing everything in one go in my exitement when I finally managed to buy one.

I've sent you an email.

Tx for the feedback,