2nd voice

Posted by: hbinfo2001

2nd voice - 04/22/12 10:07 AM

Hi,I thing I have a problem with the 2nd voice volume
When i press 2nd voice (string)The sound is low and on the screen its 63.For the main voice I lower it to 20 and the 2nd voice is very low
Do I have a problem
Posted by: Tonewheeldude

Re: 2nd voice - 04/22/12 03:38 PM

its unlikely to be a fault, most likely a setting. I'll look at my Audya Five asap.
Posted by: audyaplayer

Re: 2nd voice - 04/23/12 12:11 AM

The 2nd voice is always lower in volume ,you can edit the second voice,on screen it is 63,that's the slidervolume,but you go into edit you can pump up your volume to 63,you will see into edit it is 32,this you can do with the programvoices and also the presetvoices,but when you take an presetvoice and when you have edit it,save it ,it overwright an programvoice,be carefull with that,because you loose the original programvoice.Ps.when you take an presetvoice hold that voice-button and it will pop up in your screen,than you can edit it.