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Posted by: Bernie9

New Styles - 01/05/12 07:30 AM

I would like to know how others are handling the massive addition(revision) of styles by Ketron,IT.

Since there are already many user styles in the Audya now, are you adding the latest styles in a different folder in the HD ?

I am assuming the revised styles by the same name are improved. So, are you deleting them ?

It is a nice problem to have, but suddenly I am swamped with styles and don't know the best way of storing and organizing them. With the exception of MS3, I have them on a pen drive and auditioning them from there. I then go to the user styes and find the same name and compare.

Posted by: Tonewheeldude

Re: New Styles - 01/05/12 10:04 AM

Here is how my Audya is set up.

1)First thing I did was to backup the User Styles Folder to my PC.
2)Then deleted everything from the individual folders on the Audya.
3)Next I loaded all the styles I use into the appropriate folders in the USER styles (quite a few less than the factory styles)
4) With the introduction of new styles I temporarily put them all into one of the little used folders (you could use "Unplugged" for instance) and then went through them making a note of all the ones I liked.
5) From the "unplugged" folder I moved all the files I liked into the correct folders and deleted the ones I don't need.
6) This is ongoing but I am changing the MIDI styles to Audio from STYLE VIEW and then deleting the MIDI version.

It means quite a bit of plugging and Unplugging of the computer, but when finished my USER styles will be filled with only stuff that I want to use. (which I will back up of course)
Posted by: Bernie9

Re: New Styles - 01/05/12 02:47 PM

That sounds like a winner to me. Thank you for sharing it with us.