How to reset Audya 4 to factory default

Posted by: Tom Audya

How to reset Audya 4 to factory default - 12/04/11 05:33 AM

Anyone knows how to reset Audya 4 to Factory default (like brand new open box)? If do that, Audya 4 still have OS 4.2B? or will go back to first OS? Thanks.
Posted by: donpatt

Re: How to reset Audya 4 to factory default - 12/04/11 07:48 AM

Hi Tom,

I believe you hold down the F10 button and the Unplugged button (in the style section) at the same time while turning on the Audya 4. I don't think it will change the OS!
Don P
Posted by: Tonewheeldude

Re: How to reset Audya 4 to factory default - 12/04/11 08:43 AM

its not so easy these days to 'reset' a modern instrument. Old style keyboards used only ROM or RAM so it was simple to reset to a factory state, but even then you sometimes had to reload sounds using cards or disks (Korg M1 or Farfisa F1 for instance). However the Audya is far more complex as just like your PC, the hard drive features strongly in how the instrument operates. If you make changes to the hard drive the only way to get it back to original is to use a backup (or restore disk available from your distributor). BUT....if you have used updates or USB upgrades then you also have to re-apply these as they will have made deeper changes to the instruments Flash RAM. If you use old data on the hard disk and that data does not match the flash memory, your Audya is going to be scrambled.

So if you realy do want both hard drive and Flash to the CURRENT factory default, my suggestion is to ask for an up to date system restore disk (it will be pre-2011 USB upgrade though). Once you have it format the hard drive (using the format command on the AUDYA and not your PC), then copy all the data over - but to avoid problems copy only a few folders at a time (don't forget to make system files and folders visable from your PC too). Next apply updates as required - if you used a USB update its vital to re-install it. Finally run the CHECKSUM/ALLTABS tests and make sure you have the latest test procedure from your distributor so you do not make a mistake with KETA02.

If you only want to reset your custom start up, there is an option when you press SAVE. F10+unplugged reloads the currently installed OS.
Posted by: Tom Audya

Re: How to reset Audya 4 to factory default - 12/04/11 11:00 AM