Midday HD to SSD

Posted by: synerjim

Midday HD to SSD - 11/12/11 01:16 PM

Does anybody tried or knows if the MJ hd can be replaced with ssd?
My MJ hd is about to die.
Thanks for any input.
Posted by: viocaia

Re: Midday HD to SSD - 11/18/11 09:09 AM

I've tried to change HDD with a IDE Flash adapter, I used both Flash CF and SD cards...I couldn't succsed, the machine didn't saw the cards.
I'm pretty sure a SDD IDE hdd should work..as long as got the same pins like the original 2,5 HDD.
Let us know the resuslts.
Check this ... http://www.mesanet.com/diskcardinfo.html