Midjay and 8" Color TV

Posted by: Rusty 999

Midjay and 8" Color TV - 11/08/11 07:59 AM

Hi, I recently purchased an 8inch tv and tried to hook it up to my Midjay plus but it will not synch for some reason. It does not have a vga connection on the tv as its only got a USB port and it came with a usb to vga cable.
I now read in the midjay manual the following: :"Also using a specialized optional adaptor for RGB/Video (obtainable from your KETRON dealer), it is also possible to connect the MIDJAY to a regular color TV through regular composite video cables".

Is anyone using one of these tv monitors ? And secondly does anyone know about the adapter mention ablove
Posted by: Ketron_AJ

Re: Midjay and 8" Color TV - 11/09/11 08:46 AM

Rusty 999,

The special adaptor in question is one you would have to get from your Ketron dealer. This allows you to connect from the RGB output behind the Midijay to a RCA video input behind your TV.

You could also go to a specialized computer hardware store and purchase this device.

Hope this helps.