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Posted by: skude

No sound - 10/21/11 01:55 AM

This morning at startup (Audya 76) there was no sound at all. Exit button light on, restart and the sound was back again. The KB has not been moved, I do the same every time I startup. So suddenly no sound, or sometimes no left sound.
Very unstable KB mad . Finally, got my pen upgrade yesterday ($ 134 EUR 97 ) and I got a new HD cable from Tony, I'm ready to go, but not sure if I should wait a little longer, I have many gigs coming up, starting next week and rest of the year, and I don't want to end up with more problems. Wait??
Posted by: NiteLife

Re: No sound - 10/21/11 04:41 AM

Hey Skude,

I also continue to have Left Channel out problems occasionally. I have determined there is two separate issues. One is a Boot Up Cycle issue and the second is a Cable issue between the sound card and the upper panel. Sometimes a reboot corrects it, sometimes a tap on the right side of the keyboard corrects it.

The problem only occurs once in about five boot up's. Other than that, My Audya has been playing perfectly Six Nights a week.

Good luck with your pen update and HD Cable. Maybe.....just will correct some of your problems.

Posted by: Gunnar Jonny

Re: No sound - 10/21/11 10:00 AM


Am I happy I did not buy Audya yet? To be honest I have to say yes.

Sorry to hear that your Audya problems don't seem to reach an end Skude.
Hope you'll get it sorted out and have another successful "julebord" season. smile
Posted by: skude

Re: No sound - 10/24/11 06:30 AM

Most of my "julebord" gigs are with my band (lucky me), If the KB gives up I can always switch to guitar. Not that easy doing OMB. I will hold back a while doing the upgrade.
skude guitar
Posted by: Tony Hughes

Re: No sound - 10/24/11 08:54 AM

Its the kiss of death on Ketron products, all these people coming out the woodwork! Whats happening???