Ketron SD4

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Ketron SD4 - 08/20/11 07:16 PM

Hi,I would like to know if I can connect the SD4 to my keyboard (KN7000) without a laptop I need only the voices because I use to have a SD5 and the voices was very good
Thanks in advance
Posted by: Bernie9

Re: Ketron SD4 - 08/21/11 01:53 AM

I have a KN7000 and have connected my SD2 as a slave. The problem I had was choosing instruments. I could press a KN instrument category and it would change the SD2 to an instrument in the same category, but that is far as I could go.

The SD4 is more sophisticated and maybe would do better. I am no expert at midi, which doesn't help.

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Re: Ketron SD4 - 08/21/11 06:49 AM

Thanks Bernie I look at you tube SD4 How to install the SD4 to a arranger keyboard and you can see a midi wire from the midi voice to the keyboard midi and 2 wire RCA output and you but the keyboard at low volume and you choose a voice from the SD4
My question was, do I need a laptop to run the SD4?
I was suppose to purchase the SD2 but it was to complicated and I have to connected to a laptop with a software call varranger.
I suppose to buy the SD4 at the end of the month because I am retire So I will wait for my cheque.Thats mean rich one day and poor for 30 days,its a joke
Thanks Bernie
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Re: Ketron SD4 - 08/21/11 11:08 AM

I guess you are referring to this:

I also have vArranger using my laptop and SD2 which I use at Nursing homes. A great light setup. I use an M-Audio Uno. The midi out goes to the controller keyboard, the midi in to the SD2(SD4), and the USB goes into the laptop. This is because you are controlling a program in the laptop.

However, you do not need a laptop to simply use the SD4 sounds through the keyboard. You midi both together and set up KN7000 as the master and SD4 as the slave.

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Re: Ketron SD4 - 08/21/11 12:52 PM

Hi Bernie thanks for your reply
Can you explain me what you mean by ( You midi both together and set up KN7000 as the master)
Maybe one midi cable from out to in and 2 audio cable
Thanks again
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Re: Ketron SD4 - 08/22/11 04:13 AM

Yes, but I would suggest you open a thread in on the Technics forum, as some of those guys can guide you in setting the the KN7000 to properly receive and send midi data.

The KN7000 has comprehensive midi capabilites but I have forgotten the fine points.

Bill Norrie and Alec know it all.

Good luck