All Audya updates

Posted by: Henni

All Audya updates - 06/13/11 09:44 PM

Hi all,

I am purchasing my friend's Audya here in South Africa. He has not as yet received any updates despite several emails direct to the factory.

Could someone please point me in the right direction for all these various updates. I also remember the OS update that included new sounds and modified styles over and above the forthcoming one from AJ.

Also, where can I find more styles for this arranger? Is there any program available that can help me convert some of my many Yamaha styles to play in this arranger?

Any & all help will be much appreciated. My direct email address:

Kind regards,

South Africa
Posted by: Bernie9

Re: All Audya updates - 06/14/11 02:33 AM

Hi Henni
The updates are here in the software section.

Posted by: Henni

Re: All Audya updates - 06/14/11 03:19 AM

Thank you Bernie,

I managed to download 4.1A, all 56MB of it. I don't think this includes the new sounds & style modification though.

Kind regards,

Posted by: Henni

Re: All Audya updates - 06/14/11 04:02 AM

Hi Bernie,

My apologies. I now have 4.1A & 4.2B - If I install these, will I now have everything available to date? Also, will I now have all the sound & style updates as per the pen drive?

Kind regards,

Posted by: Snoopy

Re: All Audya updates - 06/14/11 06:36 AM

Hi Henni,

you´ve got only the new Operating-System with your updates.

Sounds / Styles are about 8 GB ( because it´s wave-format ), you´ll have to purchase a stick containing this files !

Within the next few weeks there will be the next pen-update available ( "Sound & Styles Update 2011", should have been since Mai laugh ).

In the last Ketron newsletter I got is the following important information :

Installation of the new "Sound&Styles Update 2011" on Audya ( 76-keys ) bought prior to august 2010 is only possible, if you´ve got the 2010 pen-update as well !!!
So you´ve to buy BOTH !
Posted by: leezone

Re: All Audya updates - 06/14/11 12:30 PM

have to have OLD pen drive update to install the NEW pen drive update?

don't kow about that

all i know is that all these updates seem to be a mystery,
i wish Ketron would explain them in a bit more detail,
what's needed, when, where, what, how, why, etc....
Posted by: Snoopy

Re: All Audya updates - 06/14/11 01:07 PM

As far as I understood :

Either you did install the pen-update2010 by yourself in the past,


you bought an Audya with this version already installed ( like me ).

Then you won´t need the old pen.
Posted by: Henni

Re: All Audya updates - 06/14/11 09:12 PM

Hi all,

My friend received his Audya direct from Ketron. He sent several emails to Ketron enquiring about the pen drive but received no reply.

Where can this initial pen drive be purchased from and does anyone have a price for it?

To sum it up, If I have:

1. 4.1A
2. Pen Drive
3. 4.2B

& I install in that order, will I then be current?


Posted by: Machetero

Re: All Audya updates - 06/15/11 08:26 AM

Yes, if you install in that order it will be correct.
OS 4.1b is available in the Pen Drive too, meaning that you can install 4.1b and the new sounds and styles from the Pen drive.
Posted by: Henni

Re: All Audya updates - 06/19/11 09:32 PM

Hi Machetero,

Thank you for your reply.

Kind regards,

Posted by: Henni

Re: All Audya updates - 06/20/11 03:09 AM

Hi all,

Since no one answered my question: Pendrive most probably available here:

Keep well,