"swell" feature

Posted by: gruhs

"swell" feature - 04/09/11 05:20 PM

When playing Audya 4 with accordion I'm trying to use the "swell" feature by assigning it to one of my foot pedals. I'm thinking by pressing this pedal and setting the "swell" that the style accompanyment volume should be locked while allowing the volume pedal to control only the melody (right hand sounds). This does happen... until the chord is changed and then the style/accomanyment volume immediately jumps way up too loud. What do I need to do to correct this?

Posted by: Ketron_AJ

Re: "swell" feature - 04/10/11 06:30 PM


Please explain a little further. You activate the swell feature and it works well [Right hand volume changes while Style volue remains fixed]... until you change chords (from your accordion e.g from C to Bb - you're saying)?
Posted by: gruhs

Re: "swell" feature - 04/10/11 06:45 PM

yes, that's exactly what happens... you got it. I have "swell" programed to one of my 13 pedal switches and it turns it on as it is supposed to and works as described until I change to a different chord like from c to f and then the style volume jumps way up, very loud.

Posted by: gruhs

Re: "swell" feature - 04/22/11 02:24 PM

Isn't there anyone who uses the swell feature besides me? Still need some explanation of what this is supposed to do. Apparently what I always used it for on my MS40 isn't what it does on the Audya.

Posted by: Gunnar Jonny

Re: "swell" feature - 04/23/11 01:18 AM


As far as I remember from SD1, swell is ment as setting for the volumepedal, and when choose i.e. to control only the up and down volume for right hand voice, it did exactly that.
At first it controlled all outgoing sound as a main volume switch on my SD1, but when post a question to find out where to navigate to do the settings, everything worked out well.

I never found that this feature does anything else than make you rise and lower the sound volume of parts choosed in settings.

Cheers and Happy Playing (as well as Happy Easter) smile
Posted by: Franconia

Re: "swell" feature - 04/28/11 11:28 PM

I am using the swell function quite a lot but I am using a sweller seperately (connected to the footswell input). When you go to the edit menu you can choose at the keyboard control section which part you want to swell (e.g. only right hand or the volume of all the arranger parts).
Hope that helps.
Posted by: gruhs

Re: "swell" feature - 04/30/11 04:53 PM

Franconia, thanks for the tip. I hadn't tried what you described and I thought sure that would do the trick but I tried it and set it for "swell to right" but nothing changed. I still get a blast of volume from the left at the first chord change. This feature worked simply and well on all previous generations of Ketron equipment, can't imagine how they managed to screw it up in the Audya 4.

Thanks for the tip though...