audio sample bpm

Posted by: filipelou

audio sample bpm - 02/14/11 08:57 AM

How to measure the time of user audio sample to listen correctly?i export the sample created by battery 3 in cubase on tempo 100 and i rename the created file for example sample@100.wav,but when i listen it seems out of time,why?
Posted by: Ketron_AJ

Re: audio sample bpm - 02/14/11 09:46 PM

The fact that the tempo was set at 100 doesn't mean that is the BPM of the file you are trying to create.
To test, set any device with a metronom at 100 and play wiht your wave file to see it it matches.

The best way to record an audio drum from scratch is have the player wear headphones with a metronom click set at BMP=100. Play for about 24 measures so you get the best 'feel' - then cut the wave up to the desired length.


Posted by: filipelou

Re: audio sample bpm - 02/15/11 01:26 AM

Ok.I opened in recycle and i see that the tempo is good.It seems that the audio that battery produces has a delay from midi and i think it is because of my sound card .I correct the audio with slices and quantize and know i listen well,although i think that audya dont paste from variation to variation or fill very well and i notice that in audyas internal audio drum too.What do you think AJ?