Audya 76 Live Guitars/Drums

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Audya 76 Live Guitars/Drums - 10/18/10 07:59 AM

Can I put live guitars and drums into SMF files ?
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I would also like to know bernie

Is there anyone out there ??????

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you can..

On Midi Remix feature is also possible add Live Guitar ( coming from selected style ) beside
drum part.
Live Guitar could be played manually or automatically by Live Guitar REMIX which will extract
harmony tune directly from midi file .
Live Guitar Remix can be activate on Manual or Autoplay way directly form MENU-
>KEYBOARD CONTROL> UTILITY ( Page #1) -> Remix Live Guitar.
By Manual mode User can insert LIVE GUITAR on Midi Remix simply playing on Left part of
Audya keyboard while midi file run . By Autoplay feature ( as well term say ) Live Guitar will be
detected automatically from midi file while playing .
How to follow chord's track to live guitar remix:
1 Mode:
If Chord ( Txt format ) track is built on Midi file thus will play automatically by simply
press Menu-> KEYBOARD CONTROL->UTILITY(Page #1)->Remix Live Guitar = Autoplay.
Here Mode Chord Quantize will be available. Chord Quantize is really useful to guarantee
suitable synchronization for Chord playing on Live Guitar Remix feature.
2 Mode:
Here you could set your own midi track to assign on Left Part:
1. Set on Menu KEYBOARD CONTROL->UTILITY(Page #1)->Remix Live Guitar =
2. On selected Midi File record or locate Chord Part. Set on GM PART “Chan TX” : Left.
Save Song Set up with F3 flag Part & MIX to On.
3. Select your own Style with more suitable Live Guitar pattern built in to assign on current
Midi file .
4. Insert REMIX function to ON ( Midi Player page selection).
5. Once Midi file will play press SAVE button to store Remix feature recorded.
6. Play again Midi file just saved.
3 Mode:
How to Record Chord Track:
1.Set on Menu KEYBOARD CONTROL->UTILITY(Page #1)->RemixLiveGuitar = Manual
2.Activate Remix feature.
3.Press RECORD while midi file playing.
4.Play Chord on Left part of keyboard following harmony tune. Chord played will be record
as is.
5.Press Save to store all data .
Tips & Tricks:
In order to get the “Best Deal “ between Midi File and Style select firstly Midi File and play it.
Now activate Remix feature than select style to link on !
Go ahead until the best Style will be catch!
Please unaware if Live Guitar will be unsuitable during this procedure. You'll replace it on next
step .
Once the Audio Drum will be selected ( while Drum Remix is playing ) you could assign your
own Live Guitar on different arranger from Style View Menu and than Save it as usual.
Accordingly Internal or User Style selection we suggest once Remix feature will be completed to
Stop and Play it again in order to check procedure done .
Of course you could create your own Remix by using User Audio Drum also specially designed
for Remix feature purpose.

On Version 4.0 Audya bring a MIDI REMIX feature which allows to replace original midi file
drum track ( usually on track #10 ) with a Drum part of
Audya Style ( Audio Drum or else ) .
Here how create your own MIDI DRUM REMIX:
1. Press MIDI button on Player Section than select your
own Midi file. ( As showed on picture #1 we have select
“Raindrops_Keep_Falli.mid” (metronome tempo as 123
2. Press F9 button to activate REMIX ON feature (Picture #
3. Select your favourite Style with a same ( more or less)
metronome BPM of midi file previously select. If the BPM
tempo will be too different between Style and midi file a
warning message will inform you to select another style
more suitable.
On Picture #2 we select ( i.e.) a “SWING_2”style.
By using STYLE VIEW menu and than F1 button will be
possible replace Drum kit with your own Audio Drum. As well
you can see on Picture #3 we select Audio Drum SWING2_120
(120 as 120 BPM).
4. Press USER 5 button (START) to activate REMIX
Feature .
5. After a while START led button will flash and will be
possible play midi file with your new own Audio Drum
track .
6. While REMIX playing will be possible select A, B, C, D
Variation and also Fill on style ( as well showed on picture
#4) .Moreover arranger variations will be recordable and
playable automatically ( see in detail Automation Issue ).
7. Press Save to store your own REMIX file while midi file
and Remix are running.
8. Digit a name for your own file than press Save again.
(For further information please refer from Saving Section).
9. Select REMIX file from disk list by using Alpha Dial or
cursor button . Wait until RMX file will be loaded than press
USER 5 ( START ).When led button will flashing press
REMIX button.
Midi Remix
picture 1
picture 2
picture 3
picture 4
Since OS 4.0 version STYLE and MIDI button ( on User Style/Disk Area
picture#5) are add on Audya features. These buttons enable ( or disable ) style
on REMIX while REMIX is running. Moreover REMIX function can be
linked with a midi file while is playing. Firstly select your own midi file than
activate REMIX function and add your favourite style. User could change
your styles while REMIX play easily. Thus will be useful to catch the suitable
style for your own midi file without stop playing ( For further info please
refer on Tips & Trick issue).
Automation Issue
In order to Save Arrange Variation sequence (plus Style and Midi button ) while REMIX function
is playing user must activate RECORD button. While user manage this procedure all data are
saved on Midi file . To complete this procedure press SAVE while REMIX is still playing with
RECORD button led active .By the way with this procedure will be possible record Chord change
sequence coming from LEFT part . For further information please read LIVE GUITAR REMIX
Part #2 .
Saving Procedure
We add a couple options in order to Save MIDI REMIX:
F1–Start Bar
F2–Stop Bar
F6- Save As: Mid-Kmx
F7- RmxGtr
Start Bar and Stop Bar (Picture #6): These bar show respectively Beat Start (from ) and Beat
Stop ( to ) of Midi Remix plus Style which will play . Please notice: Outside these marker ( Start
and Stop bar ) Midi File will play with original Drum part .
Save As: Allows to Save your work in a two different format file .The first one will be a
traditional midi file which include Exclusive message to play it as Remix . The second one will
be renamed as KMX file. This file format is a Ketron proprietary format which include all
information to play a Remix plus Style, Transposer , tempo and so on .This file is really useful to
export all information over another Audya keyboard and guarantee to play it properly. Of course
all resources ( Audiodrum, Live guitar,) must be installed on thus other Audya.
RmxGtr: Live Guitar setting to Save on File.

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Wow! Now there is an answer. I can't say as I understand it all yet, but I sure thank you for your trouble
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Bernie, If you do get your head around it would you please let me know--its beaten me i'm afraid but thanks to necderdoni for taking the time to post
I cannot believe in this day and age that ketron still cannot put a decent manual together for their products. Mine arrived in german so useless to me.
Also they need to bring out a totally seperate manual for the Arranger Audya 4 they are selling, so that users can get an inkling of what is going on in their heads in Italy.
They expect the A4 users-and there are many of them out there-to read between the lines of the keyboard manual and they couldn't care less that people are paying ridiculous money for something that does not work properly as far as i am concerned --and i am not alone!
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I can feel the frustration you and others are having, especially the Audya 4 users.

Even with the Audya 76 I find the manual is very detailed in what they cover, but there are things not covered.

Maybe I am being optomistic, but am thinking Ketron was so intent on getting their product out and workable, and they put out a basic manual. I don't think that they don't care as much as priorities, and those of us with problems have different ones than they.