Midi File - SD1

Posted by: Bob Wheeler

Midi File - SD1 - 12/06/03 09:12 PM

I'm trying to make a change to a midi file but I don't have any experience using the SD1 sequencer. All I want to do is delete the opening measures of a song so that it starts at a different point in the song.

Can someone walk me through this process? I really appreciate your help!

Posted by: Luis.Santos

Re: Midi File - SD1 - 12/07/03 06:43 AM

I also have a SD1 and I never used the sequencer...
It's very complicated.
My advice to you: use any Midi sequencer on your PC because it's a lot easier than using the SD1 sequencer (even only to delete some measures).

Luis Santos
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Midi File - SD1 - 12/09/03 03:43 AM

Hi Luis.Santos,

please could you tell me, is it possible to play the styles "live" on the keys of the SD1 and record this into cubase in realtime ?
(SD1: MIDI OUT, Midicontroller: MIDI IN)

If you have some experience please let me know!

Thank you
Posted by: Luis.Santos

Re: Midi File - SD1 - 12/10/03 02:52 AM

I think you mean recording the midi information (generated by the live playing of the styles and voices).
If that's what you mean I think you can do it with this keyboard, but I've heard that there are another keyboards that doesn't send all the information about the styles through Midi Out... maybe only the right voice...

I'll try that later on my keyboard.

Luis Santos