Suggestion for X1Update (--->AJ)

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Suggestion for X1Update (--->AJ) - 02/28/03 02:41 AM

I have a request for a new function to be implemented in X1.
Excuse me for my bad english, but i'm italian!
I have 3 flash card with 3 soundbanks,but i can use only a card a time. If i will use 2 soundbanks i need to load the first via floppy disk in the ram memory and then insert the flash card with the second.
It's possible to load the first soundbanks from the flash card to the ram, and then remove the flash card and insert another card? In this case i have 2 soundbanks, but i load the first from the card and i think that this metod is very very faster.
Another idea is to load and save the msp into the flashcard!
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Re: Suggestion for X1Update (--->AJ) - 02/28/03 10:08 AM

Another usefull thing would be :

Setting of the loop-points with the numeric buttons.

Yes, the possibility to load MSP in the Flascard would be very usefull to me too.

AJ, is it possibel to implement these suggestions in the next update ?

Thanks very much.


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Re: Suggestion for X1Update (--->AJ) - 03/01/03 08:20 PM

The biggest dissatisfaction I have with my X1 is the lack of ability to play styles directly from floppy disk. I have the hard drive in my X1 and also the expanded pattern ram. But those are different issues. Yes, they are nice to have but they do not do what I need in terms of organization and quick access. I don't know if it is even possible but I really need the ability to read and play styles DIRECT FROM THE FLOPPY DISK DRIVE.
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Re: Suggestion for X1Update (--->AJ) - 03/02/03 03:49 PM


When using the X1's FLASH card, the data is read directly from the card. It is NOT stored anywhere in the unit itself. RAM can only be accessed from either the HD/FD so, yes you will have to load the sounds.

Best way is to load them from HD on power up (such that whenever you turn on the keyboard, the sounds are automatically loaded). We cannot Load from FLASH to RAM as this will require a Hard ware modification.

These are good suggestions, however, they would require hardware routing modifications to the keyboard.


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Re: Suggestion for X1Update (--->AJ) - 03/04/03 05:09 AM

I would like to see the "Sync Start" button turn off automatically after a style starts (similar to the Korg i series implementation).