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XD3 - 10/15/02 08:31 AM

Hey AJ - I am in the process of purchasing an XD3. Can you tell me if the Vocal kit and the HD options can be fitted by the user as I can't afford these now and won't want to send it off to my nearest dealer who is far away when I have the cash.

Thanks for your help AJ

Posted by: DanO1

Re: XD3 - 10/15/02 02:19 PM

Options can be fitted by the end user .

It could void your warranty . I would ask the dealer if they would extend the warranty even if you do the installation !

Good Luck and Good Choice !

Dano in Baltimore
Posted by: Bryan conlon

Re: XD3 - 10/29/02 11:35 AM

Hi to Dan -O, and all. I,m new to this forum and was wondering if someone can tell me what the difference is between the X3 and X4 ---sound wise that is . I have owned an x4 in the past but went to the x1 keyboard for a while . Now I want to go back to a smaller module as the x1 is a bit heavy for me . Is any out there using the X3, and if so can you please let me know what you think of the sounds and styles>. Many Thanks
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Re: XD3 - 10/29/02 02:08 PM

Bryan ,

The difference between the sounds of the X4 vs. the XD3 is a good question .

All the solo sounds such as piano's , brass , saxes , strings are all better on the XD3 IMO .

The styles are more useful as well . Ketron removed most of the 8 beats , 16 beats, jazz organ , acid jazz and big band , swing styles . You do have access to these styles via the pattern memory . I have recommended to all my customers to add the pattern expansion chip .

What you do not get is 4 outs , 16 track sequencer and sampling with the XD3 .

If you do not need these options , the XD3 is a winner ! reasonable pricing as well !

xd3 is 2 inches smaller in width .


Posted by: Dreamer

Re: XD3 - 10/30/02 12:04 PM

I have the same problem as Keith (btw, we both got our XD3s from the same store at the same time... )
I too would like to install an hard disk; the XD3 manual says "ATA IDE 2.5, 6 Gbyte max". I assume it's a laptop kind of hard disk, since other keyboards, like the Yamaha 9000, use these kind of HD, which offer a better protection to the heads.
I don't care much about warranty; I know that I could order the HD from Ketron, but it's really expensive, since it comes loaded with styles (which I really don't need). Besides, I hate the idea of taking the XD3 to a repair center, leaving it there for maybe a week and then taking it back and finding maybe a scratch or two on the case...
So what I am asking is: can I purchase a laptop HD which fits the above specifications and install it myself (like I have always done with all my PCs) or do I need a special kit that only Ketron can provide? (like IDE flat cables and stuff like that?)
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Re: XD3 - 11/01/02 07:24 AM


Pls. visit: http://www.synthzone.com/ubbs/Forum22/HTML/000107.html.