Posted by: maxicat

Midijay...Keystart? - 08/29/06 02:15 AM

I'm on the verge of buying a Midjay, will this unit keystart when in style mode? Is the quality up to the SD1?
Posted by: Flavie

Re: Midijay...Keystart? - 08/30/06 02:47 PM

Hey Maxicat,

About the "keystart", yes it does. Regarding the SD1 comparison, I cannot say anything, as I never owned one. However, compared with the XD series it sounds much better!
Posted by: Dreamer

Re: Midijay...Keystart? - 09/01/06 10:25 PM

I think I can comment here, since I have a Midjay and had an SD1 in the past: to my ears the sound quality is identical and most samples are even the same.
In the past I had also an XD3 and agree with Flavie that is not in the same league, quality wise, maybe because they had to use shorter samples to fit in the smaller ROM memory (the piano multisample is the most striking example: the loops begin short after the attack and the decay is simulated via ADSR, but the end result is not very natural).
Hope this helps.