Midjay upgrade

Posted by: HankB

Midjay upgrade - 03/19/05 12:46 PM

If someone starts to use this upgrade could you give us a report? I have grown fond of the old version and I am afraid it might mess up my saved registrations. I have attached lyrics to many of my style files so the new number feature would not help me as I use file names. But after using my Midjay on a gig for the first time sat. night I like it more and more. The Midjay is great as an addition to my PSR3000.
Posted by: Ketron_AJ

Re: Midjay upgrade - 03/21/05 03:15 PM


Don't worry! The OS2.0 will not affect your Registrations, Lyrics ... etc as these files are stored within separate folders of the Hard Drive. With 2.0 you can now edit existing Registrations with no issues. I would recommed you did install the update.