SD1 & Computer Sequerner?

Posted by: Sev 01

SD1 & Computer Sequerner? - 01/07/03 07:39 PM

Hello everyone,

Is anybody using Sd1 with a computer software that fully supports Sd1? I mean a software that can recognize all the sounds of Sd1, not just the GM sounds. I am using Cakewalk Pro Audio9 and it only recognizes the GM sounds.

Thanks in advance.
Posted by: DanO1

Re: SD1 & Computer Sequerner? - 01/09/03 03:31 PM

Sev01 ,

Try this .

Press F6 for midi

Press F7 for p.change and use F10 to select each part listed . You'll see an asterick .
Press F8 and select again .

Press SAVE ENTER and F10 to confirm .

Now try using the software and let me know if this helps . This is not explained in the manual .


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Posted by: Roel

Re: SD1 & Computer Sequerner? - 01/12/03 04:48 AM

Be sure you use the MIDI-IN2 !