About the SD1 Sampler... AJ, it's interessting, read all :)

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About the SD1 Sampler... AJ, it's interessting, read all :) - 03/10/03 03:18 PM

I have a big problem:
Ketron doesn't want, i think to make avaible a SD-1 with Oriental sounds and style from another Ketron Oriental Products, because, perhaps, they want to sell X1 Oriental and VEGA.??

After 2 years of promesses and wait... It's time to Action.

SomeOne In the net have sampled the X1 Oriental kit note by note in 82 wav files.

I have also the Patterns from this machine...

But in the SD1 this sound horrible without the oriental kit.

Ok wanted to create the X1 Oriental drum kit in the SD1. I work on it 10-15 hours and let me explain to you somethings...


I had 82 .wav files... it's seem to be dificult.

1) I transfer all wav files in the folder or sounds with ketronft.
2) when i try to make a new msp with this wav files, if I leave the key after the end of the sound, there is a horrible treble sound !! after more search, I undersood that my wav files was in STEREO and the SD1 doesn't love STERO wav files. As, I load into the sampler wav files, one by one, and resave it (the sampler can read stereo files, and can save it as mono file to reuse it in the msp editor)

Now what can I do with 82 wav files.
I do a new msp, i see the limit '15' and i change it to 62, I try to insert one file , two file ... and i see that the limit is now 15 again... a bug?

Ok I redo a new msp, i make the limit to '62' and i insert 62 files in one shot, ok its good!!

Now when I press a key, all drum sounds are playing together )

I assign one sample by one to the good note (sample1.wav from C0 to C0... (*62)), and the tone to FIXED (its a drum sound)

*Are there specific functions for drum sounds :
When i hit a key for a crash cymbal (for exemple) the sound play even if I let the key off. I find a solution but it's boring.
for each sample, I change the REALASE time to 64 (max)...

* there is a function for example I play the open hi hat, and when i play the closed, it shut the first sound. Where can I edit this for my kit?

Now the Msp is good, I save it with the Name ORIENT01.msp

I load it into RAM

I try to EDIT DRUM... to do a Kit usable by patterns.

for each note in the kit, i assign a wav file of the MSP loaded. Ok it's good but... it can read only the first 31 sounds!!!!!!! desacording to what the manual said!!
31 of 82 sounds... its bad...

Ok! I found a solution :
I deleted all my work )
I do 3 Msp files called ORIENT01.msp ORIENT02.msp ORIENT03.msp
In first one, 32 files, in the second 32 and in the third 18.
I redo all what I said beafore... in each msp.
I create an instrument block and i call it ORIENT00.INS with this 3 msp files

I am very happy that when I load the ORIENT00.INS instrument, I can play it in all the keyboard! the 82 notes!!! Why?? I dont know... There is any documentation??

If the name of the kit is ORIENT00, the kit is loaded at startup. But I prefer not doing that, if one day, in a party my SD1 shut down, I don't want to wait until the kit loaded...

And I have another surprise, I can assign in the new kit, wav file from the 3 msp loaded in memory!!

I have a good kestion to AJ


It's a good beginning )
please read all with attention, and if someone wants to help me in all directions, and wants i share my work...

Thanks to all to read me
vive la france )
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Re: About the SD1 Sampler... AJ, it's interessting, read all :) - 03/10/03 04:31 PM

too long?
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Re: About the SD1 Sampler... AJ, it's interessting, read all :) - 03/11/03 08:37 AM


The major 'trick' when using the SAMPLER on the Ketron products it to use the ZOOM function (x400) to get an accurate view of the wave. Next, determine the loop (L) point (use the cursor button) such that when you do loop, you experience a smooth transition b/w the start and end of the wave. This way, you will not notice any absolute 'point'. Now for percussive instruments, this is not required; however, when you do sample these, ensure that the trigger value sits at around 7,8 (not 3,4 when using string instruments).
Hope this helps.
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Re: About the SD1 Sampler... AJ, it's interessting, read all :) - 03/11/03 08:52 AM

... I forgot to add: When using Oriental sounds or others of such nature, you might have to sample more than one voice to each key within your multisamples. In other words, a 'rattled' tabla sound might have to all go within one key (rather than using 2 or more to save memory and preserve authenticity!) It will then be up to you to assigne a minimum tempo value when recording the style within the PATTERN EDIT menu to aviod degration of the style all together during playback.

This gets a little complicated but I can assure you that you will like the end results.

Best regards,

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Re: About the SD1 Sampler... AJ, it's interessting, read all :) - 03/11/03 11:41 AM

The SD1 Manual say in "THE SAMPLER" category:

"One of the special
features is the possibility to create a Multi-sample file exploiting up to a maximum of 64 samples arranged over the keyboard and therefore
achieving an amazing timbre over the octaves of the keyboard."

and it say also:

"Up to eight Multi-sample files can be achieved with 32 samples each at the most."

Can you explain this difference to me?

I experimented we can add 62 samples in one msp, but the drum kit read only 32 first waves. I have 3 msp files :ORIENT01.MSP ORIENT02.MSP and ORIENT03.MSP. Each one play in a zone of the keyboard, and when I load this 3 files (block), the keyboard play fully in all zones! I think THE SD1 play this MSP files together! This is a very cool feature ! undocumented?

Then, I can play ... 32 * 8 = 256 samples together.... !!!!!

I dream?
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Re: About the SD1 Sampler... AJ, it's interessting, read all :) - 03/11/03 11:49 AM

Sorry, I know I don't speak a good english, and it's very difficult to make you understand!

I use wav files from another source! I doesn't want to sample kit!
A friend send me all wav files from the X1 Oriental
I use the internal sampler, just for the MSP EDITOR, not to record new waves files...

If you want to help me... sit down and try to understand me )

thanks a lot !!
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Re: About the SD1 Sampler... AJ, it's interessting, read all :) - 03/11/03 12:12 PM

It's a good suggestion for oriental sounds like tabla.

I think it's possible to assign 2 different samples at the most in one key with the velocity...

The manual :
"F7 DCA Offs: This modifies the sample level at minimum velocity.
F8 DCA Slop: This modifies the sample level at maximum velocity"

And, I think, if I play with 2 sounds, layered or not, the memory usage is the same, no?

And I have already the patterns of the X1 oriental I just want to make a good drum kit, the same as the X1 with the same mapping, to have a good sound...
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Re: About the SD1 Sampler... AJ, it's interessting, read all :) - 03/11/03 12:23 PM

Always in the manual )

In the EDIT DRUM Menu :

"F5 Wave: This assigns one of the samples loaded within a multisample using the Sound Load function to a single note, with a maximum
of 62 samples to be assigned to the same number of notes.{AJ : for me: max 32 samples in each of 8 msp loaded in RAM} Press F5 Wave to select the single samples to be assigned
to the note {AJ : only one sample by note, not a layer}[...] This function makes it possible to completely renew the rhythms section of your instrument."

I know I make you sleep but it's important for me... thanks a lot