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MIDJAY WITH MIDI GUITAR ??? - 09/07/06 09:48 AM

How to connect a MIDI Guitar ( GR30 ROLAND ) with a MIDJAY? Because when I touch one string, the chord change. I need for solo and for automatic arranger with the Midjay styles.
Please Help me!
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Re: MIDJAY WITH MIDI GUITAR ??? - 09/08/06 07:38 AM

Well, I think that it has to do with the split point. Set your split point somewhere so you can trigger the chords on lower notes and have the solos on the higher ones. Make sure you’re not on the Pianist mode. However, you will still have to manually change the chords when needed. Another way of handling this situation is using a footswitch board. With Midjay you can do that. And yet another solution, is first recording a backing track, then play it back and play whatever you want on your guitar.
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Re: MIDJAY WITH MIDI GUITAR ??? - 09/08/06 12:48 PM


The 'correct' way to do this (if I understand what you want to do) is to have a midi pedal switch that can change channels (e.g when pressed = Ch1, when not pressed = Ch2). Set the Midijay RECEIVE channels as follows. Right=Ch2. Left=Ch1.
This way, when you press the GUITAR pedal and play a chord on the Midi Guitar, it changes the Arrangement (equivalent to a keyboard player's left hand), when you don't press the pedal and play anything on the Guitar, you're simply playing notes.

The other way (better with the XD3) is to use the K8 Midipedal to trigger the major chords and use the volume tonality pedal to add the minors, dim, 7ths ... etc. This is the only TRUE way where you can play AND change chords together - a lot smoother than others ... it will just take some 'footwork' to do.