Midi file changes

Posted by: JCkeeys

Midi file changes - 01/07/03 01:53 PM

I have a midi file I downloaded from the internet. It is of unknown origin to me. It does have Lyrics display and plays fine. The problem is when I make a change to the Reverb Level It Does Not Store! The default setting that the midi file came with was 15. When I change it to 8 and save it will accept other changes but not the level change??? Anyone know why! Thanks
Posted by: Flavie

Re: Midi file changes - 01/11/03 11:02 AM

What keyboard are you using? You can check and tourn off the reverb midi message in the Song Play midi filter menu. Hope this helps!
If are you using XD9/XD3, you cannot save these settings due to a bug.(I suppose) Flavi.

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Posted by: Graham UK

Re: Midi file changes - 01/11/03 11:38 PM

The reason the midi files is returning to its reverb setting is because the original control info for reverb will still be in the file. Go into edit of the different tracks and delete or better still change the reverb value to your choice.
Control type number for Reverb & Chorus are 91 & 93

Graham UK
Posted by: JCkeeys

Re: Midi file changes - 01/12/03 10:19 AM

Thanks Guys....I will give it a try...I am using the SD1