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Arranger WORKSHOP/FIESTA!!!! - 12/15/05 11:01 AM

.... here...


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Re: Arranger WORKSHOP/FIESTA!!!! - 12/15/05 12:29 PM

Hi A.J , it's a pity you are not doing a world tour with your show with a stop off in the united Kingdom .

Regards .......Giovanni (Norwich ,Norfolk ,England)
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You know, this is a wonderful idea and one that would/could benefit the above listed companies, if they could get together and sponsor. What are we looking at...
* Flight into the major cities within the countries.
* Room and board.
* Transportation.

Think about me going into the prominent dealerships to promote this. We're talking about many many people getting a chance to see/compare/hands on ...etc, also I would get a chance to meet many too.

It's worth thinking about... an international Arranger Product Specialist maybe??

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Re: Arranger WORKSHOP/FIESTA!!!! - 01/04/06 11:40 AM

Ok, folks, it's finally up!!