DG100 vs Sd1 Software upgrades

Posted by: Twinmaker

DG100 vs Sd1 Software upgrades - 12/28/05 06:52 AM

Hello: I own both DG100 grand for use in my living room and the sd1 for gigs...I'm A very big fan of the product. I've gone through all of yamaha, korg and Roland and finally settled on Ketron. I invested in the grand to practice at home and transfer all my data on the sd1 for outside gigs. Knowing that the brain of the DG and Sd1 are basically the same, I have not found the software upgrades for the DG as I have for the SD1, Can I use the Sd1 OS upgrades to load in my DG?
Posted by: Fran Carango

Re: DG100 vs Sd1 Software upgrades - 12/28/05 03:03 PM

I don't think so..Like models are still different in many ways..For an example I have a Roland G1000 and a similar model with speakers[EM2000]..They are completely different with upgraded OS..

I would be surprised to find the OS compatible with both models..
Posted by: Ketron_AJ

Re: DG100 vs Sd1 Software upgrades - 12/29/05 10:14 PM


OS between the DG100 and SD1 isn't compatible. You can however transfer and share files (NOT REGISTRATIONS - as these also map the buttons which differ in both keys!!) such as Patterns, Vocalizer settings, Programs ...etc

Posted by: Twinmaker

Re: DG100 vs Sd1 Software upgrades - 12/30/05 09:05 AM

Thanks AJ

I assume their are no OS upgrades available for the DG100?

I'm having the following annoying problems with the DG
1-Switching from the Grand Piano mode to the standard arranger mode always resets my settings. For instance...I rarely use the harmonizer and turn it off before starting. If I move from piano mode to arranger mode the harmonizer will come on again. That is not without mentionning what happens if you choose a style and and a voice while forgetting to remove the Grand piano mode.

Any ideas?