Factory sound for the POLY-800..

Posted by: Anonymous

Factory sound for the POLY-800.. - 10/02/98 01:00 PM

Does anybody knows where i could get the factory preset sounds for the old Poly-800...
I think they came on audio tapes and ive checked at the korg website...and there always so helpfull every time i go there they try to extort me like 40 pounds for some old
crappy manual (DDD-1)so im looking somewhere else...thanks
Posted by: Hot Rod

Re: Factory sound for the POLY-800.. - 10/18/98 07:11 AM

I have a copy of it in wave format, and i beleive i still have the tape. email me, and i will send you the wave file. produkt-rb@usa.net. maybe you can help me find the same info for a Korg DW-6000, i don't have a wave or a tape for it!