problems with kawai k-1 midi data

Posted by: papote

problems with kawai k-1 midi data - 11/22/99 01:12 AM

Hi im from Chile (south america) so sorry for my english.
I have a kawai k-1, when i try to record some track, the computer recive midi data after a while ( like 8 scnds )im using cakewalk 5.0.
i think im doing something wrong with the synth , i dont konw...

waiting for a reply
thank you very muchˇ
Posted by: Mike Nelson

Re: problems with kawai k-1 midi data - 11/22/99 08:29 PM

First I know nothing about cakewalk, but I wonder if it has an option called packet delay to adjust for slow interfaces? Have you just started using cakewalk? Do you have lots of other keys/modules in a MIDI chain all receiving togther? I have used K1, K3, and K4r, and played with a K11, and I think they are all particularly sensitive to being in a chain. If yours is , move it to the "front".See if your software has packet delay, it might be maxed!mn
Posted by: papote

Re: problems with kawai k-1 midi data - 11/23/99 01:11 PM

first i want to thank your answer. i still have the problem, i record a track ok, no problem, but when i record a new track its a mess, no synchronicity.
im just using the k-1, and i try to find the pack delay option in cakewalk and i do it, but it doesnt work. i just started using midi systemsˇ maybe there is a problem with the k-1 system setup, recibe or transmit data?
Posted by: Mike Nelson

Re: problems with kawai k-1 midi data - 11/23/99 10:33 PM

Another thing...when you record, are you using a single or a multi-patch on each track? You will run out of voices quickly on the K1 if you 1)use all 4 sources on each patch and 2) your patches have long decay and release times. What sounds like delayed note-on could really be notes missed due to tha allowable voices per patch on the multi being exceeded. As I remember you can set the number of voices allowed to each section of a multi. If you're just using singles I don't know what to tell you, since the new notes steal from the first ones when voices are maxed out, so that shouldn't cause a delay. I wwould suspect a bug in the way Cakewalk times events...I'd post your question in the Cakewalk Forum as well.Good