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Posted by: Radardoug

GeneralMusic WX2 - 01/20/19 11:55 PM

Hi, My name is Doug Jane and I do servicing in New Zealand. A client has brought in a WX2 not going. The battery has corroded quite a few bits. I cleaned all that up, replaced micro crystal, caps arounf that, and an inverter chip. But no luck, the display shows a few lines but nothing usefull. Does anyone have schematics for this unit? The micro shows bus activity, but the time keeping crystal looks dead. Strangely, the 4 22 pF caps around the two crystals were all faulty. Any help gratefully received, it would be a shame to dump it.
Posted by: Gunnar Jonny

Re: GeneralMusic WX2 - 01/21/19 06:00 AM

I took a trip at Google, and found this service manual.
Hope it is for some help, even if it's not WX.
(There are also WK if search Google.)
A bit 'tricky' to download if not donate or use 'like clicks', but as usual, to take some time do help. smile

Here is the link as well, if anyone need other manuals.
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Re: GeneralMusic WX2 - 01/21/19 12:14 PM

Thanks Gunnar, I saw that link, it downloads a pdf that then has a link address in Russia, so I didn't go there! Looked a bit suspicious.
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Re: GeneralMusic WX2 - 01/21/19 03:51 PM

The attachment under the link I did post is safe. thats the pdf file of WS2 servicemanual that I downloaded from that link.
12 pages.
I also have downloaded the servicemanual for WK4, but it's too big to upload here. (16,2 MB).

welcome to the SZ forum, I can see this is your first post. smile

I managed to compress the file into 5mb, so here it is.
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Re: GeneralMusic WX2 - 01/21/19 09:36 PM

Thanks Gunnar, you are a scholar and a gentleman!
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Re: GeneralMusic WX2 - 01/30/19 08:41 PM

Just got back on to this, unfortunately none of the schematics match the WX2.
Posted by: Gunnar Jonny

Re: GeneralMusic WX2 - 01/31/19 04:29 AM

It seem to be hard to find the correct one..
Here is a site with lots og inside pictures. Maybe by contact (bottom of the page) could be for any help?

The owner / usermanual for WX2/WX400 is downloadable from the site, but it probably won't help you much..
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Re: GeneralMusic WX2 - 01/31/19 01:47 PM

Thanks Gunnar, I've sent him a message. I haven't got all the oscillators running, the 32K one is not going, in spite of a new crystal. But I changed the crystal caps too and may have used the wrong value. I downloaded the manual, but theres nothing like a system reset in the manual. I hate to have to tell the client to dump it, but this one is pretty old, the speaker surrounds are all gone!